About Our Ingredients

Plant-Based Ingredients

Good Earth Body Care uses only the finest, plant-based, organic ingredients. Each plant is researched and selected for its beneficial property and healing quality. Click here for a complete list of these ingredients.

Essential Oils

Distilled from plants, essential oils are the life blood of the plant and are essential for the plant to live and thrive. Hence the name “essential oils”. Humans have used these plant oils for their health and beauty properties for thousands of years. Each oil has a distinct chemical composition that determines its fragrance, color, and the way it affects the body.


The tiny molecules of essential oils easily penetrate the skin, and are picked up by the blood stream and spread through out the body. They also enter the body through sensitive cells that line the nose, and directly affect the limbic system of the brain –controller of emotions and the major functions of the body. Click here for a complete list of these ingredients.