Butters and Oils

Here are a few of the lovely raw ingredients that we use in Good Earth Body Care products. They can be used alone, or in your own wonderful creations.

Made from the nut of the argan fruit in Morocco, Argan Oil is a great multi-purpose plant oil with many benefits for the skin and hair. Argan Oil is full of vitamins A & E, antioxidants, omaga’s 3 & 6, fatty and linoleic acids. For that reason, it helps moisturize and improve elasticity of the skin, reduces inflammation and makes hair soft and silky. Because it reduces sebrum levels in oily skin, Argan oil can help during acne breakouts. This wonderful oil can “plump up” fine lines and wrinkles. Nourishing and quickly absorbed, Argan Oil is a very effective beauty aid! $15 for 1 oz. bottle with dropper

A light, stable nature makes this a perfect massage and bath oil. It’s antioxidant effect make it a good choice for skin care. 2 oz size $8

Price $8.00

Helps restore flexibility to the skin, protects from the sun and helps with wrinkles, eczema, rashes and rough dry skin.

Price $8.00

Soothing oil made from lavender flowers grown in the French Alps. High ester content makes this lavender oil effective in calming the nervous system. 5 ml size $10

Price $10.00

This great moisturizer and has emollient properties that can rejuvenate the skin.

Price $7.00

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