Organic French High Altitude Lavender Essential Oil

by | Mar 12, 2014

This therapeutic grade essential oil is a real favorite here at Good Earth Body Care. If you are new to the world of essential oils, this Organic French Lavender Oil is a great place to start your journey.

Essential oils come from plants. These oils are the life blood of the plant. They contain chemical molecules that help the plant grow and thrive. These same chemicals also have a positive effect on people and animals. They can be inhaled or applied to the skin where they are taken up by the blood stream and spread throughout the body. Lavender essential oil is distilled from lavender flowers.

Lavender plants come in many forms. Depending on origin and the altitude at which it is grown, its chemical composition varies greatly. This lavender is grown at high altitudes in the French Alps. That causes the essential oil to have a high ester content which gives the oil its superior aroma and powerful calming and soothing qualities. Lavender essential oil is very concentrated and is measured in drops. It has been used in medicine since ancient times. Its gentle nature makes it safe for the whole family. This particular French High Altitude Lavender Essential Oil is a natural antibiotic, antidepressant, sedative and detoxifier.

It is very effective in the treatment of burns and wounds. It promotes healing by stimulating cells to regenerate. Acne, oily skin, psoriasis, bug bites, diaper rash and skin inflammations all benefit from diluted applications of this lovely essential oil. The cell regenerating properties of lavender oil also helps prevent scarring and stretch marks. It slows the formation of wrinkles. This oil is a sweet tonic for all kinds of skin issues and helps balance and restore complexions. It is beneficial in treating stress, anxiety, mood swings and depression due to its ability to have a restorative and calming effect on the nervous system. Lavender essential oil can be used in many ways. It can be mixed in creams and salves, inhaled from a diffuser or made into a relaxing bath or massage oil.

Here at Good Earth Body Care, we use this wonderful essential oil in several of our premium organic products including Lavender Face Cream, Healing Skin Salve, Bug Off! Insect Repellent and our Lavender Body and Air Mist.

Eco-friendly and Fair Trade, this healing and aromatic Lavender Essential Oil is a real delight to use. Enjoy!


#1. Put 3 drops on a tissue, in a bowl of hot water or the palm of your hand. Inhale.

#2. Put a few drops in hand lotion, massage or shampoo.

#3. Mix a drop or two in with warm soapy water to clean cuts and scrapes.

#4. Add 5 drops to 2 tablespoons of almond oil for hot bath, a relaxing massage or as a balm for the face or on rashes.

#5. Put a few drops on wrists to wear as perfume.

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