Mid Summer Sale!

by | Jul 31, 2014

Our Midsummer Sale of 2014 is now over. Watch for the next! Thank you. 




We hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer this year. We wanted to put some items on sale that can be really useful during the summer months. Here they are!

Large (4oz.) Hand Cream – $15   Reg. $20

This light and non-greasy cream contains aloe butter for healing and softening power. It is great for hands that have been working outside or inside. Can also be used as a soothing body lotion after a day in the sun.


Organic Sunscreen – $12   Reg. $14

Silky sunscreen protects skin from both UVB and UVA long and short rays. Soothes skin irritations, acne and small wounds. Contains zinc oxide and mango butter. Absorbs quickly. Unscented and safe for children. SPF 20


Bug Off! Insect Repellent – $10   Reg. $12 

Great formula made with essential oils including catnip and lemon eucalyptus really works. Helps repel mosquitoes. Safe for children. Spray on dog’s brush to help fight fleas and ticks.


Lavender Mist – $10  Reg. $12

Soothing mist made with French Lavender oil. Refreshes and hydrates skin. Great, gentle treatment for sunburn and heat rash. Good for all ages and skin types.


French Green Clay Mask  – $6   Reg. $8

Blend of green and white clays help tone, revitalize and stimulate the skin. Can be used on bee stings, mosquito bites and acne. Helps draw toxins out of the skin. Soothes poison oak and ivy. Great to add to the first aid kit when camping.